Slovak Republic Gambling Overview

May 15, 2021

Gambling is legal in Slovakia (officially the Slovak Republic), its legal since 2005. Slovakia has been considered to be among the European countries that have quite lenient laws as far as the gambling affairs of the country are concerned.

A little history, Between 1992 and 2005 gambling was a legal gray area, and before that, Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia. In Czechoslovakia gambling was legal, it was made legal after the Second World War to help stimulate the war-torn, ruined economy, the Czech lottery and sports betting company Sazka was actually established in 1948 (still in operation today, survived the breakup of Czechoslovakia, and the end of communism, and then a bankruptcy too, 60+ years in operation, the Slovakian lottery company TIPOS was only established in the 90s after the breakup of Czechoslovakia). Almost all forms of gambling activities have been legalized on the territory of Slovakia since 1992 when the country received a sovereign statute. During the time when it formed part of Czechoslovakia, all kinds of gambling activities were subject to tight control and heavy restrictions.

On 4th December 2018, the Parliament passed a new Slovak law on gambling (the Gambling Act No. 30/2019) and on amending and supplementing certain acts. According to Article 76 of the Act 30/2019 on gambling games and on the amendment to certain acts (hereinafter the „Gambling act“), 온라인카지노 the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

The main goal was to set new legislation that better reflects the shift of players from gaming, casinos and bookmakers to the online world. One of the most important changes in the scope of the act is the creation and scope of the Gambling Regulatory Authority. Other changes are elaborated in the second part of this article.


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